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How Dad Central is Solving the Top Five Dad Challenges

In this short episode Ed and Drew talk about the top five challenges dads expressed in a recent survey. We know dads feel the pressure in these areas but also know there is a way to overcome them. We also know that dads face barriers and feel isolated in their...

Joe Rawlinson’s Guide to Surviving, Guiding and Thriving as a Twin Dad

Welcome to The Dad Central Show! In this episode, we sit down with Joe Rawlinson, the creator of Dad's Guide to Twins website, an author of two books, and the host of a popular podcast with a similar name. Join us as we dive into Joe's fascinating journey and explore...

How Dads Can Help Their Babies (and Older Kids) Sleep Better

Congratulations, dads! Your little bundle of joy has arrived, and with that comes a whole new world of responsibilities and challenges. One of the most important aspects of caring for your baby is ensuring they get enough sleep. In this blog, we provide you with...

How “Authentically Relating” Helps David Waranch Integrate Work and Family

In this episode we talk with David Waranch, a professional coach, practicing attorney, and the host of the Authentic Dad Podcast. Join us as we explore the "authentic relationship" movement and its impact on fatherhood. David shares his insights on how to integrate...
It’s Normal! Understanding & Overcoming Overwhelming Emotions As a New Dad

It’s Normal! Understanding & Overcoming Overwhelming Emotions As a New Dad

As a new dad, feeling overwhelmed is a common experience. The transition to parenthood is a huge shift in life, and adjusting to the many new responsibilities and changes that come with it can be a real challenge. In this blog post, we will explore why it’s normal to feel overwhelmed as a new dad, share some personal stories, and present some research stats to help dads feel supported and validated in their feelings.

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