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How Your Organization Benefits From My Dad Matters training:

You know dads are important to support healthy child development and you really want to engage them. The problem is you just don’t know HOW to accomplish that goal.

You or your organization might be lacking knowledge of father inclusive practices like:

  • What makes an effective program for dads
  • The eight guiding principles of welcoming fathers
  • How to apply the strengths-based framework to supporting dads
  • What organizational processes must be in place to successfully engage dads
  • The difference between being descriptive vs prescriptive in your programming
  • The four keys to effectively connecting with dads

Without this knowledge, you’ve probably tried to engage dads but weren’t successful. Or, maybe you lacked the resources to get it going.

That’s exactly why the My Dad Matters Training was created.

How ready is your organization to support dads?

It is helpful to get a general sense of how ready an organization is to engage fathers by considering what is going well and what can be improved. This is important groundwork before using the other tools in the toolkit.

Complete the survey to find out how your organization scores.

My Dad Matters is for new and experienced practitioners who want to engage dads in their communities. The reality is that dads have different needs than moms, and you may be lacking the know-how to engage them.

Our step-by-step approach will systematically guide you in your planning and delivery of inclusive services. After completing it you’ll know:

  • The importance of engaging dads
  • The steps to build a strong engagement action plan
  • How to assess your organization’s strengths and deal with barriers to reaching dads
  • How to develop effective community partners and networks
  • Effective ways to recruit and maintain participation from dads
  • How to develop, train and recruit staff to support dads
  • Where to find resources to support your efforts to engage dads

Here’s How the Toolkit Works

1. Sign Up For Training

Training can be completed either online or via an in-person workshop


2. Create And Execute Your Plan

Leverage the knowledge you acquire to create and execute your plan

3. Engage Dads

Experience the results first-hand by effectively engaging dads

What family service professionals say about My Dad Matters Training:

“I've just completed the online toolkit and found it incredibly helpful in guiding my plan to include fathers in our programming.”

“This training definitely opened my eyes!”

“Our agency is not as father friendly as I have always assumed. Lots of change could still take place.”

“The most important thing I’m taking away is ideas about how to start the process of engaging dads in our community.”

“The most important thing I learned was changing my own perspective, language and ways that I engage with fathers.”

Research Evidence For the My Dad Matters Toolkit

Father involvement has evolved over the past 20 years. Research has validated the impact of fathers, how parenting affects fathers, and how to support and include fathers in our work with families.

We used to have to convince people of these facts.

Today, however, things have changed. People are not asking “why” as much as “how”. This is an important shift that has only happened because of the determined efforts of professionals like you.

We know you want to create healthy children and advocate for families. We also know you struggle to engage dads, and feel like you don’t have the training, resources or confidence to do it any different than you are now.

We understand and have helped organizations just like yours. This toolkit is the solution.

Register for our in person training or buy the online certification program so you can get started engaging dads and building healthy children.

Father absence is alarming and associated with many of the challenges facing society today. Your ability to create an environment that welcomes and engages dads in the parenting journey are critical to helping build healthy children. Look at what happens when dads are involved:

  • Involved dads improve their children’s overall cognitive, emotional and social well-being
  • Involved dads reduce mom’s parenting stress
  • Children with involved dads are less likely to be mistreated
  • Boys have fewer behavioural problems and girls have fewer psychological problems when they have involved dads
  • Children who live with their dads do better in school

As research continues to prove, involved, responsible and devoted dads improve their kids’ cognitive, emotional and social development. Engaged dads are good for kids, good for moms, and good for dads themselves.

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