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Have you ever struggled to engage fathers in workshops?

Engaging dads in workshops can be challenging — it’s as much a skill as it is an art. Preparation is the key to confidence. Our dad workshops have been developed and field-tested for over 20 years. By following our proven dad workshop manuals, you can lead workshops with confidence.  


Just for New Dads!

What to Expect in the First Year

Do you work with new dads and want to help them become more involved?

This workshop is designed to engage, open conversation, and educate new dads all about what to expect and how to manage the first year of parenting.  It’s a huge life transition, and many dads aren’t aware of how important they are in the lives of their children – especially in the first year!  This workshop will:

  • Provide new dads a forum to explore the realities of becoming a parent
  • Educate on key topics like working with their partner, early child development expectations, and bonding/attachment
  • Provide resources to build their confidence to be positively involved dads

Filled with interactive exercises, facilitators will love the energy this workshop produces.  Get started welcoming new dads today.

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I’m a Parent Now

Effective Fathering for Young Dads

How many young / teen dads are ready for the challenges and responsibilities of parenting? Probably not many, but they can learn quickly with your help!

This workshop will help you engage young / teen dads and develop their understanding of how to fulfill their roles as dads. Starting with the basics of character development, and understanding the six dimensions of fatherhood, young dads will build the foundation of involved fathering through the content and discussion.

Perhaps the most valuable take away for attendees:

  • A one year action plan with clear commitments, timelines, and resources needed to be more involved

If you work with young or teen dads, you need this workshop. Get started today.

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Fathers in a New Land

Adjusting as Dads New to Canada

Do you work with new dads new to Canada?

Coming to Canada from another country brings many changes. These changes are even more evident and impactful when there are children involved.

Fathers can learn about the expectations around parenting in Canada and what it has meant for them to come to this country.

This workshop will provide fathers with ideas to try with their children. The goal is to support these men as they work at having a strong bond with their children that will allow them to be a positive influence.

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Why We Stressin’

The Father-Child Stress Connection

Do you work with dads looking to learn healthier stress coping mechanisms?

This workshop will address the impact of stressful interactions on the child’s developing brain, and provide strategies for identifying and managing stress to allow for more positive interactions.

The target group is marginalized, racialized and/or part time fathers of young children, including prison populations, child welfare clients, etc.

This workshop will help fathers:

  • Be able to identify personal and social factors that contribute to their stress.
  • Understand the impact of their own stress on their child and on the father-child relationship.
  • Gain new positive strategies to manage their stress.
  • Make a commitment to using one new positive strategy in a future stressful situation.

Filled with interactive exercises, this workshop will help facilitators address a heavy issue with confidence.

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Future Matters

Building Strategies to Help with Career Planning

Career decisions are an extremely important part of a child’s development.

Fathers play a significant role in how their children identify their gifts, interests, and talents. But sometimes fathers themselves are looking to change a career or make other decisions about the employment path they are on.

This workshop addresses the following objectives:

  • Understanding how academic/career choices impact future success.
  • Getting involved in the process and decision-making of a child’s future career path.
  • Where support and resources are available.

Focusing on discussion to develop actionable plans, facilitators will be uplifted over the direction this workshop produces.

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