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The Break-In Period

When you get a new car they always tell you about the break-in period -go easy, don’t drive too fast and all that stuff.

The funny thing about babies and fathers is it’s hard to tell exactly when the break-in period ends and the real ‘driving’ begins. But the point is, the only way to get to know your new family member is to spend time together. And finding that time is a little more challenging for guys because mothers usually have more hands-on time with the baby in the first few months. Those of you who don’t have a female partner? Well, you’re just going to have to get up to speed even faster.

Don’t be surprised if you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing at first. We all felt like that too. Taking care of a tiny baby is something few men know anything about before we become parents. There’s only one way around it – through it is more like it. That’s experience.

So it make take a little time before you feel completely comfortable in your new role, but make the effort. Believe us, invest a little time and you’ll be in for a happier fatherhood. And it will be good for your child too. There’s actually lots of research to show that children really benefit when Dads contribute to parenting, and figure out how to work as a team with their partners. It’s a good thing for Mom, and for yourself, by the way. You’ll see.

Parents sometimes say they wish babies came with an instruction manual. This is your baby manual right here.

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