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SDSK Quickstart: FREE Training Series

Welcome to our free training series: How to Support Dads in Your Community! Whether you want to know how to support dads OR you’ve tried to support dads but aren’t seeing results – this is the training for you!VIDEO #1: Three Critical Areas That Dads Need Support and...

The Critical Steps Fathers Must Take To Be Prepared Financially with Jay Gabrani

This discussion focusses on Jay’s personal story, but also the process of preparing yourself and your family financially. We explore the important steps dads should be taking right from the start to support a healthy financial future.

How to Navigate A Toxic Ex-Wife and Still Parent Your Children

Divorce can be an incredibly challenging time for both parties involved, especially when children are involved. While the focus should always be on ensuring that the children’s needs are met, navigating a toxic ex-wife can be a daunting task for any father.

How a Chance Meeting Sparked Connection and Partnership in the Fatherhood Journey

In this episode we talk to the hosts of the Modern Dadhood podcast, Adam Flaherty and Marc Checket about their fatherhood journey, unique friendship, and the unexpected isolation that can impact a father when they become parents. A fun part of this show happened when...
It’s Normal! Understanding & Overcoming Overwhelming Emotions As a New Dad

It’s Normal! Understanding & Overcoming Overwhelming Emotions As a New Dad

As a new dad, feeling overwhelmed is a common experience. The transition to parenthood is a huge shift in life, and adjusting to the many new responsibilities and changes that come with it can be a real challenge. In this blog post, we will explore why it’s normal to feel overwhelmed as a new dad, share some personal stories, and present some research stats to help dads feel supported and validated in their feelings.

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