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A Father & Son Talk About Success with World Record Holder Connor Emeny

In this unique conversation we sit down with world record holder Connor Emeny and his dad, Steve Emeny for an inside look into their relationship.

The Intense Pain and How to Overcome Losing a Spouse to Suicide

Mike Whitla talks about the pain of losing a spouse to suicide and how hard it is to keep a family together afterwards.

What You Can Expect For Season Two of The Dad Central Show

Ed and Drew speak briefly about two ideas that may lead into season 2’s content. This is a short but informative conversation that shares personal experiences, past guests and foreshadows future guests.

Time Management for Dads: Prioritizing what matters and finding balance

By setting clear priorities, being flexible, organizing and planning, taking care of our physical and mental health, and making time for community involvement and spiritual practices, dads can successfully manage time and lead a fulfilling life.

How to Financially Prepare for Your Child’s Future

How to Financially Prepare for Your Child’s Future

As a parent, you want your child to have every opportunity in life. Part of that is making sure that you’ve set them up for financial success down the road. But in the day-to-day hubbub of being a parent, it’s easy to just want to get through today and worry about tomorrow later.

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