Are you tired of feeling like you’re playing a guessing game with your kids’ emotions? In the latest episode of The Dad Central Show, Dr. Scott Grant dives deep into the emotional challenges kids face at different ages and stages, offering practical solutions to help parents navigate these choppy waters and equip their kids with the emotional tools they need.

Hosted by Drew Soleyn and Ed Gough Jr., this episode provides valuable insights from Dr. Scott Grant, a pediatrician and creator of the “Docs to Dads” podcast.

Here are the top three takeaways:

  1. Children’s Emotional Challenges: Dr. Grant discusses the frustration young children experience when they can’t express their needs, the struggle for independence at age 3, and the increasing social pressure at preschool and kindergarten age.
  2. Importance of Emotional Regulation: Dr. Grant emphasizes the significance of parental role modeling in teaching children emotional regulation and highlights the impact of repairing relationships with children by apologizing and providing guidance to help them regulate their emotions in challenging situations.
  3. Teachable Moments: The hosts and guest share personal experiences and practical strategies for supporting children during difficult times, such as using storytelling to help kids through transitions and having simple conversations about emotions and daily experiences.

This episode provides valuable insight and understanding on how to apply the three takeaways in your parenting journey, offering practical tools to help you better understand and support your kids as they navigate their emotional development.

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As Dr. Scott Grant said, “Get curious, not furious.” This episode serves as a gentle reminder to approach challenging moments with our kids by stepping back and trying to understand, rather than reacting in frustration. So, let’s all take a moment to embrace this mindset and apply it to our own parenting journey.

About Dr. Scott Grant:

I’m Dr. Scott. I’m a HUSBAND and the FATHER of two young kids.

I spent my twenties PURSUING MY LIFELONG DREAM of becoming a pediatrician.

Then, I became a father myself and EVERYTHING SHIFTED.

I still LOVE MY JOB helping families in the clinic and the hospital.

But my JOY comes from my relationships with my WIFE and KIDS.

Like many millennial dads, I want to have a fulfilling life at WORK and HOME.

And I want to be a part of the hard work BUILDING THAT LIFE for my family.

Along with our flagship podcast, Docs2Dads will have live events, self-paced courses, and coaching opportunities to support you in your own personal health and wellness, your relationships with your wife and kids, and live a joyfully fulfilled life at home and work. 


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