An evidence-based program that connects dads with their kids!

Simple to Run

Low Resource Cost


Highly Effective

Do any of the following statements apply to you?


I want to engage dads but I don't have a program for them


I've tried but I struggle to engage dads


I need resources for dads but I don't know what to offer


I have limited time or resources to support dads

From its beginning in 2009, the SDSK program has always focused on serving dads and their kids.  Built with funding from the PHAC, tested in communities, and validated through feedback and evaluations, this program is the gold standard for helping dads:

  • Relate better to and connect with their child
  • Commit more quality time with their child
  • Teach their children about important topics like emotions, health, and communication

3 Easy Steps To Run Super Dads Super Kids

1. Get the Manual

The manual can be purchased from our store. We offer both printed and digital formats.

2. Train Your Facilitator

Facilitators can receive training directly from Dad Central or in-house by following the manual.

3. Deliver the Program

The program can be delivered either in person or to virtual participants.

Here is what participants have to say about Super Dads Super Kids:

“I really have learned more about my child and different/better ways to enjoy my time with him because of this program.”

“I have enjoyed learning about the different aspects of being a dad, some aspects we learned were things that I had not even thought of earlier.”

"It was great and I enjoyed it!"

Program Details

Super Dads Super Kids was created by Brian Russell and built with the support of the Public Health Agency of Canada, Ontario Early Years Centre staff and professionals, and the direct feedback and input of dads and kids who tested the program over the years.

It’s evidence based, simple to run, requires very few resources and significantly supports dads engagement with their children. Think of SDSK as your plug and play solution for engaging dads. All you need to run a great program is included in the manual.

SDSK impacts include:

  • 73% of dads state SDSK has increased the quality of the playtime with their children
  • 67% of dads state that SDSK has increased the amount of time they spend with their children
  • 86% of dads agree that SDSK offered ideas for play-based learning
  • 87% of dads agree that SDSK assisted them in teaching their children
  • 87% of dads agree that SDSK made a positive difference in how they relate to their children

SDSK is an activity based fathering program.  There are 8 sessions, each designed to give fathers and children time together in a fun activity and for fathers to discuss relevant topics together.

Discussion topics include:

  • The Unique role of a dad
  • Child Development
  • Communication
  • Emotions and Mental Health
  • Discipline and Setting Limits
  • Physical Health – Activity and Nutrition
  • Physical Health – Injury Prevention
  • Family/Life/Work Balance and Paternity Leave

As research continues to prove, involved, responsible and devoted dads improve their kids cognitive, emotional and social development.
This program is proven and easy to apply. Get the manual to support healthy child development today.

What do facilitators have to say about Super Dads Super Kids?

“It provides dads with the concrete benefits that are derived from engaged fathering. It encourages them in the value of their efforts.”

“The program encourages kids by giving dads a chance to express what makes their kid(s) a super kid. It also encourages dads by having kids say what makes their dad a super dad.”

“SDSK helps dads engage with other dads on topics around fathering which helps break isolation. They discover that they are not alone in their fathering challenges.”

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