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eliminate Overwhelm

Ease the Pressure


Stay Calm

Most dads struggle to:


Balance the demands of work, home and their health


Find time with their partner


Know how to lead and discipline their kids

Many dads also feel alone and without dad-specific support, which leaves them feeling out of control in their own lives.

Have you ever felt that way?

That’s why Dad Central and Connected Dads created the “Fatherhood Fundamentals” email course.

In just three lessons, you’ll get critical leadership insights to apply immediately. It will help you:


Eliminate overwhelm


Ease the pressure, and


Stay calm. No matter what happens.

Fatherhood Fundamentals helps dads apply leadership principles, prioritize their schedule, and develop a winning mindset to overcome any adversity. These fundamentals help them show up as confident, composed and compassionate leaders.

Here’s how it works

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What Dads are Saying

“Fatherhood Fundamentals” is for any dad that is looking to grow as a man, a husband or a father. This is a simple and easy-to-follow course that gave me valuable knowledge, actions and guiding questions that prompted deeper self-reflection. This course reminded me that “more is caught than taught” so if we want to create change in our lives it always starts with us first.  

~ Justin, dad of two kids

“I agree with the fundamentals and think they are great stuff! The practical insights and calls to action are so good I would pay for it!”

~ Phil, dad of two kids

Why the course is fundamental

Without support, many dads look back and regret their actions. They wish they were:


More patient with their kids


More understanding with their partner


More disciplined in their health


Less stressed about small things that don’t matter


More forgiving of themselves and others…

Don’t let that be you. Get Fatherhood Fundamentals to save your sanity and love your family

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