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How Can Our Training Help you?

You know that positively involved dads are important to the life of children, and want to see them more engaged.

The problem is you constantly struggle to get them involved. Whether it’s not having a space, resources, or programs for dads OR simply the knowledge and understanding of what dads want, you and your staff need support.

We completely understand how challenging it can be to engage dads. Especially if they are very young, have limited involvement, or other complicating factors. But there is a way, and most importantly – volumes of research confirm that dads have a significantly positive impact on the social, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral development of children.

Dad Central has spent over 20 years creating research, resources, and training for family service professionals. You want to engage dads. Our training helps.

3 Steps To Engage Dads and Help Children Succeed

1. Find Your Training Needs

2. Schedule Your Training


3. Complete Training and Reach Dads

Our Training Options

NOTE – Training fees recover costs and support resource development.
**Due to COVID-19, all training will be delivered virtually until further notice.

Our Keystone Training

My Dad Matters Certification Training Program

a) Live Virtual Training runs 4-4.5 hours.

b) On-demand training is self-directed. Typical completion time ranges from 2.5-3.5 hours.

My Dad Matters is for new and experienced practitioners who want to engage dads in their communities. The reality is that dads have different needs than moms, and you may be lacking the know-how to engage them.

Our step-by-step approach will systematically guide you in your planning and delivery of inclusive services. After completing this training you’ll know:

A) The importance of engaging dads
B) The steps to build a strong engagement action plan
C) How to assess your organization’s strengths and deal with barriers to reaching dads
D) How to develop effective community partners and networks
E) Effective ways to recruit and maintain participation from dads
F) How to develop, train and recruit staff to support dads
G) Where to find resources to support your efforts to engage dads

Learn more about My Dad Matters Certification Training here.

Facilitator Training for Super Dads Super Kids (SDSK)
SDSK – Your Plug and Play Fatherhood Programming Solution

Are you looking for an evidence based, simple to run, and low resource program that significantly supports dads engagement with their children? Then Think of SDSK as your plug and play solution for engaging dads. All you need to run an in-person or virtual program is included.

The Facilitator Training provides the research background, fatherhood insights, and key facilitation practices that will bring the eight modules to life for all facilitators. Whether a seasoned facilitator, or brand new to working with dads, this training gives you the confidence, knowledge, and support needed to run SDSK effectively.

Learn more about the Super Dads Super Kids Facilitator Training program here

Custom and Special Populations Training

Believe in Me: A Guide to Work Effectively With Young Dads

Does your centre work with teen and young parents? We often hear organizations say they just don’t know how to engage and connect with young dads. This training will help your staff know and understand how to engage with young and teen fathers.

You will learn:

– What influences young dads
– The sterotypes young dads face
– Key research findings relating to young fathers and their impact on mother and child outcomes
– The barriers young fathers face and how to support them

Contact us via the form below for more details.

Into the Circle for Indigenous Fathers

This training helps family service professionals understand how to support bringing Indigenous fathers into the circle of raising children.

Specific topics covered include:

A) Influences on fatherhood
B) Barriers to involvement
C) How the community can support fathers

Contact us via the form below for more details.

Working With Immigrant Fathers

Depending on your specific needs and population, working with fathers new to Canada can present various challenges. This training will distill best practices for working with, and supporting fathers who are new to the country.

Topics include:

– Pre-arrival experiences and the impact on fathering
– Culture shock implications
– Risks newcomer fathers face
– Insight into what fathers new to the country are looking for
– Best practices for programming or other support

Contact us via the form below for more details.

Custom Fatherhood Training

Whatever your needs, we can build a custom training or facilitation program that supports your work.

Contact us by submitting the form below to get started engaging dads and supporting families.

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