“The problem with overcoming tough moments as a parent is finding the strength to navigate challenges while setting a positive example for your children.”

Stephen Johnston, our guest, shares his journey of dealing with his son’s diagnosis of a rare disease causing blindness while striving to find a cure. He emphasizes the importance of resilience and personal growth, offering valuable insights for all dads facing adversity.

In this episode of The Dad Central Show, hosts Drew Soleyn and Ed Gough Jr. are joined by Stephen Johnston, a father, radiologist, and Ironman athlete who shares his journey of founding a nonprofit to fund research for rare diseases causing blindness in children.

Top three takeaways:

– Drawing on past experiences and celebrating small wins as crucial aspects of personal growth and progress.

– The importance of preparing for tough times, seeking help, and taking ownership of one’s life to navigate challenges and grow from them.

– Encouraging children to learn from their parents’ example in facing life’s adversities and building resilience.

This episode provides valuable insight and understanding on how to apply these key takeaways in your parenting and life. By learning from Stephen’s experiences, you can discover how to build resilience, celebrate wins, and provide a positive example for your children.

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As Stephen Johnston says, “Life is short and fragile. Embrace challenges, seek help when needed, and own your journey.” Let’s take inspiration from his story to courageously overcome challenges and set a powerful example for our children.

About Stephen Johnston:

Stephen Johnston, MD, MBA, is a father, radiologist, non-profit founder, and Ironman athlete. When he found out his nine-year-old son, Luke, was going blind as a result of a rare disease, he founded A Race Against Blindness to fund sight-saving research for his son and thousands of others like him.

Though Stephen is relatively new to the nonprofit world, he’s a man on a mission to raise $1 Million for a clinical trial and taking on challenges like Ironman to raise money and be an example for his son. So far, they’ve raised over six figures, been featured on GoodMorningAmerica.com and the Dan Karaty if I’m Being Honest podcast, and had TV spots in multiple major markets.

Stephen lives outside of Phoenix and spends his spare time training for his next Ironman and traveling with his family to create lifelong sighted memories for Luke. 


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