Ever found yourself questioning if your parenting style aligns with your values?

In this episode, we’re diving deep into the paradigm shift with Iris Chen as she shares her journey of breaking free from traditional Asian parenting norms, sometimes called “tiger parenting.”

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In the first episode of our third season, we’ve got the incredible Iris Chen! Iris gets honest about the painful struggles of her early parenting approach that was repeating the patterns of her parents, but just weren’t working. 

Here are a few key takeaways from this great episode:

1. Embracing Change and Cultural Shifting

  • Have the courage to challenge existing cultural norms and find a community aligned with your values.
  • Be a disruptor and break cycles to improve and create a new, healthier culture.

2. Redefining Success and Authenticity

  • Be authentic and redefine success based on your personal values and passions.
  • Embrace self-work and vulnerability to ensure alignment with who you truly are.

3. Compassionate and Respectful Parenting

  • Acknowledge the impact of your upbringing and heal past parenting experiences.
  • Foster a compassionate and understanding approach to parenting, focusing on respect over control and manipulation.

Now, here’s the thing – it’s crucial to apply these insights to your dad journey. If you’re finding yourself frustrated, your kids aren’t listening, or what your dad did for you isn’t creating the same results for your kids, then it’s time to take action. Begin by redefining success and embracing authenticity. Be open to cultural shifts and challenge the norms for the well-being of your kids. You’ve got this, dads!

We appreciate you tuning in and hope this episode has sparked something within you. If you found these insights valuable, we’d love for you to review, like, and share the episode. Your support means the world to us.

As Iris Chen puts it, “Have the courage to choose a different culture if the existing one doesn’t align with your values.” Let’s lead the change, dads!

About Iris Chen:

Iris Chen is a Chinese American author, unschooling mom, and deconstructing tiger parent to two teenage boys.

She started out as an authoritarian parent whose goal was to raise obedient and high-achieving children. When her attempts to control them only led to constant conflict and frustration, she knew something had to change… and it wasn’t her children!

From then on she began a journey of healing and shifting away from using power over her children to sharing power with them. 

Now as a peaceful parenting advocateintersectional unschooler, and certified parent coach, her hope is to encourage and support you to do the same.


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