In this week’s episode of The Dad Central Show, we had the pleasure of sitting down with the insightful and passionate Valerie Tih. As a former kindergarten teacher and English educator, parent of two and current Parenting Coach certified in the Enneagram, Valerie shared valuable insights on positive parenting, finding joy in the midst of challenges, and the evolving roles of fathers in modern parenting.

Here are some highlights from the episode:

  • Valerie Tih’s emphasis on the importance of dads finding a balance in their parenting roles, building strong relationships with their children, and influencing their values and behavior, rather than relying solely on strict rules.
  • The impact of the pandemic on families, leading to mental health struggles and breakdowns within households. Valerie shares personalized tools to transform blind spots into helpful ways of parenting amidst these challenges.
  • Introduction to the ancient Greek Enneagram personality typing system, used to identify blind spots and biases to become more responsive and loving parents.
  • Valerie’s personal story about her son’s mistake, and how it taught her the importance of trust and support in parenting, as well as addressing masculinity and understanding individual lenses.

From navigating the complexities of parenting during the pandemic to embracing a more collaborative approach with moms, this conversation offers a wealth of wisdom for dads looking to strengthen their relationships with their children. Get ready for an engaging discussion that celebrates the evolving landscape of modern fatherhood and offers practical tools for parents to thrive.

Valerie has also generously offered the following specifically for listeners of The Dad Central Show:

About Valerie Tih:

Valerie transforms outdated parenting paradigms into research-based Positive Discipline frameworks based on the latest brain science, the Enneagram, and best practices. She has over 25 years of experience as a speaker, presenter and facilitator of retreats and educational workshops.  She is a trained art therapist and a certified teacher. She’s a certified “Happiness Coach” (a program taught by Dr. Robert Holden as seen on Oprah), and is a Riso-Hudson/Enneagram Institute certified Enneagram Coach with Honours standing. She’s also accredited through the International Enneagram Association and presented her talk Ignite Your Inner Essence Parent: Move from reactive to responsive parenting at this year’s Global Enneagram Conference. Valerie and her husband have two boys, aged 14 and 10 and her youngest son has Down syndrome. She enjoys advocating for people with disabilities and is passionate about building community, spreading kindness, and choosing joy. 

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