Walking in peace and harmony can sound cliché, but it’s actually important! If you’re looking for ways to cultivate peace and feel more connected, know that this experience comes from within you. Open your mind and heart and you can experience the joy and beauty you seek.

Everyone finds connection in different ways. Using the suggestions below, you can discover your own path to peace.

To Help Yourself, Focus Both Internally and Elsewhere

Whatever you pay attention to will grow. If you’re focused on your own challenges, you may miss seeing the good in the world. You also may not notice the good in yourself.

However, when you focus on others and on the world around you, you begin to see the beauty everywhere. You also see your own value, because you can help others and respond to them differently than you otherwise might.

To live a peaceful and harmonious life, it helps to discover who you truly are. To do this, explore the world as well as your own thoughts and beliefs.

Try some of these ideas:

  1. Volunteer to share your talents and time with other people in need.
  2. Spend time in prayer and meditation to see what you can do to move forward.
  3. Talk with others who are on their own journey toward greater self-knowledge.
  4. Analyze your past to see how you can use your experiences to improve the present.
  5. Spend time with people who radiate love and joy and peace.
  6. Avoid negative people who want to bring you or others down.
  7. Read about positive thinking or attend workshops for a new perspective.
  8. Seek more constructive ways to interact with the people in your life.
  9. Ask others how you can help foster better relationships with them.
  10. Tell the people in your life – including yourself – how much they are valued.

Walking in Peace Takes Practice

There are no magic answers for how you can be more peaceful. Like anything in life that’s worthwhile, desire, motivation, and effort are required. However, it’s important to stay relaxed about the process. If you agonize over how to be peaceful and harmonious, you may slow down your own progress.

When you make a conscious decision to walk in peace and harmony, it doesn’t mean that you’ll never get upset again. Life always brings challenges. There are always issues that can get you down if you let them.

If you have peace in your life, though, you’ll see a lot fewer of those upsetting times. And with more peace in your heart, you’ll perceive your challenges differently.

By learning about yourself, you’ll learn what really matters to you. You’ll be able to let go of the little issues and focus your energy elsewhere. By directing your thoughts and time toward what really counts, you’ll have a lot more harmony and peace. And although the process takes time, walking your unique path to peace adds richness and deep joy to your life.

About The Author – Ed Gough, Jr.

Ed's experience working with fathers and men injects an extra dose of thoughtfulness into all of his conversations in these areas. His mission is to bring purpose and clarity to fathers' and men's lives. He believes that "the better men are, the better the world will be". 

Ed has been a member of Dad central (Ontario) Steering Committee since May 2019. Ed hosts Dad Central's monthly epic events and was the moderator for the "Dad's Panel" at the 2019 Side-by-Side: Fatherhood Matters in the Early Years" conference.

Ed has been the host and producer of his own award winning online show The Dr. Vibe Show™ for the last decade. He's done over 2000 interviews with people from all over the world. In 2018, The Dr. Vibe Show™ was the recipient of the Innovation Award by the Canadian Ethnic Media Association (CEMA). Since May 2013, The Dr. Vibe Show™ is the first and only online show to be regularly featured on the popular U.S. based men’s website The Good Men Project.

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