The holidays will probably look different for most people this year. If you’re struggling to figure out what to do and how things will work, then this week’s blog will help.

While there are many different factors to consider and everyone’s holiday season looks different, we could all use a good end to 2021. This short list of articles should help with your planning and enjoyment of the season.

1) Guidelines for Holiday Gatherings from

In the age of COVID, nothing is clear and we don’t know what may come next. But a good starting point is knowing what those who oversee health in Canada are suggesting. This site provides an overview of guidelines and relevant links for further information across the country.

2) 3 Tips to Keep COVID From Wrecking Your December Holidays

Already feeling the stress? Unsure whether your kids or family will agree on how things will work? This article from Dr. Laura Markham provides three practical and relevant guidelines to help you stay focused on enjoying the holiday season.

3) Tips for Men to Manage Holiday Stress and Anxiety During COVID

Men carry a lot of stress. And sometimes it’s seen as a badge of honour – “Look how much I can take!” The reality is stress and anxiety take a toll on our mental, emotional and physical health – and the pandemic has only made it worse. This Canadian Men’s Health Foundation article from a medical doctor and recovered stress case gives great advice for managing ourselves this holiday season.

4) 10 Ways to Reduce Family Fighting Over the Holidays
Tired of the fighting that’s happening but not sure what to do? Then check out this short article from All Pro Dad. You may not be able to apply all of these tips, but at least one may come in handy this year.

5) General Health Tips for Dads

Relevant for anytime during the dad journey, this Huffington Post article shares insight and five guidelines that can support every dad’s ability to be their best.

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Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season.