It’s hard to believe three months of 2020 are almost gone.  With so much happening in the last few weeks with the COVID-19 pandemic, the current realities present unique challenges and are stretching many to their limit. With daily life so disrupted, and such uncertainty ahead, we want you to know that Dad Central is here for you.

Our goal is to support dads and their families by providing resources, sharing insights, and building relationships that support involved fatherhood.  In this time of adapting, parents and families are coping with school closures and work from home arrangements.  This unique challenge can be daunting. Considering this, we have a few updates we hope will be timely.

Update #1 – A New Online “Home Base” for Dad Central

We have launched a brand-new website.  Designed to be your one-stop-shop for all things dad, the new site provides:

  • Free booklets, videos, tips, advice, and additional resources for dads
  • A dedicated section for new dads
  • Dedicated sections for community service organizations that outline training and staff development opportunities, free resource downloads, and webinar recordings
  • A dedicated page for the My Dad Matters Toolkit – a resource to help organizations engage dads
  • A dedicated page for Super Dads Super Kids (SDSK)  – an evidence based program that connects dads and their kids
  • A new blog with over 200 articles on dad related topics
  • Our resource store featuring all our booklets, tip sheets, and other resources for dads
  • The Dad Directory – a national listing of programs that serve dads

Check out to see the new home of Dad Central. 

* Please note, some parts of the site are still under construction and may not be fully developed.  We continue to update and populate our new site to best serve your needs. 

If you have any feedback please send it to [email protected].  We look forward to hearing from you!

Update #2 – The Blog is Moving from Things Dads Do to Dad Central

In line with our new website, we have centralized the blog and included it at  Starting April 1, there will no longer be any new blog posts added to, as they will be posted directly to Dad Central. 

For our current blog subscribers at, you will still automatically receive an email when a new post is published.  The difference is that you will now receive these messages via MailChimp. You will receive a notification within the next 7-10 days from the new mailing list, so please keep an eye out for this.

Update #3 – Exciting New Announcements Including Online/Virtual Opportunities

We know that everyone has been thrust into the virtual world as a result of social distancing.  As mentioned above, here at Dad Central we want to help.

We are developing new virtual training opportunities for organizations. We are also developing new workshop and connection opportunities to bring dads together and look forward to sharing these with our community very soon.

We have a few more exciting opportunities in the works that will support dads, families, and the professionals who serve them.  We look forward to announcing and rolling them out to dads and service organizations when the time comes.

Coming Together As A Community

Despite the difficulties many of us are facing, we will get through this together.  We hope to be a resource and support in the process.

To those directly affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19), we send our deepest sympathy and support. To the many professionals in public health working diligently, we applaud and encourage you.  Thank you for all you are doing.

We acknowledge the economic realities and know that dads and families may be struggling as a result.  The challenges ahead are real. 

Despite these difficulties, we also see the many ways people are coming together to support each other. While social distancing is required, human connection continues to thrive.  Friends are reaching out. Neighbours are lending a hand.  Strangers are finding ways to engage in supportive actions. 

In times of crisis, the need for leaders to provide hope, belief, and encouragement is most important. We are grateful for the many leaders across the country who are standing tall and making a difference.  Thank you.

And dad, your families need you now, more than ever. Be there and embrace your time together.