Today we’re sharing a short blog featuring five of our top posts of 2020. From helping kids work through mistakes to simple changes to keep you mentally and physically healthy, these topics provided practical and doable actions for all dads – and we’re glad they resonated.

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5) Allow Your Children to Make (and Learn From) Mistakes by Ed Gough, Jr. 

In this blog, Ed shares 8 points to help parents be more patient and accepting of their kids’ mistakes.

We all learn from our mistakes. Every situation is an opportunity for growth. Obviously there are certain mistakes you want to protect your kids from, such as playing on a busy road or sticking their hand on a hot burner. But in other situations, they’ll learn more if left to discover the consequences themselves.

If you consider and apply these ideas when parenting, you and your child(ren) will be more comfortable when they experience errors.

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4)  4 Ways To Be Intentional About Investing Energy In Your Family by Drew Soleyn

Drew shares 4 helpful ways to be intentional about investing energy in your family. Putting in the energy needed to build relationships can be exhausting, but it’s worth it. When you know what drains your energy vs what recharges your energy, you can make choices that maximize the return.

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3) Dads and Mental Health: Starting the Conversation by Drew Soleyn

A 2019 research study from Movember has found that mental health is the most difficult topic (other than sex) for men to discuss with friends – beating out finances and marriage/relationships.

To get people talking about dads and mental health, Drew shares findings from the research report. We hope it brings education, stimulates kindness, promotes listening and asking questions, and fuels future conversations about this important topic.

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2) How 4 Small Changes Can Keep You Healthy During Quarantine by Justin Tsui

In this April blog, Justin shares 4 small changes to keep you healthy during quarantine – 9 months later, these tips are as relevant today as they were then.

As dads we often feel a deep sense of responsibility to be both providers and protectors for our families. During challenging times, like the ones we are currently experiencing, our natural desire to keep our loved ones safe has been magnified even more. The quick and drastic changes to our day-to-day lives have impacted all of us personally and professionally. These changes to our way of life have provided us with a great deal of uncertainty which has been difficult for many of us.

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1) 21 Positive Phrases Dads Can Say to Their Kids by Drew Soleyn

In this blog, Drew shares 21 positive phrases dads can say to their kids. If you’re a dad who wants to help raise confident and successful kids, it starts with speaking positively to them on a daily basis.

A father’s words are powerful. In fact, they have the ability to change the trajectory of children’s lives – for good or bad. Every parent, moms included, can positively affirm and encourage their children. It’s just that dads may not realize how important their positive words are to their kids.

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We hope our blog posts have provided you with helpful tips to help with the journey of fatherhood. We look forward to creating more blogs posts this year and will have many exciting announcements in the coming weeks.

If you have any topics you’d like us to cover in the future, please let us know in the comments below. We’re always looking for suggestions and recommendations. Thank you so much for your support!