In this thought-provoking conversation, Oscar winner Coach Bill Courtney shares his personal journey of breaking the cycle of fatherlessness and coming to terms with it later in life. He emphasizes the importance of investing in oneself and one’s family to avoid frustration, strained relationships, and unhealthy coping mechanisms. Coach Bill also challenges the notion of prioritizing other commitments over our own children, reminding us that if our kids feel like their needs are secondary, it’s a sign of imbalance.

Throughout the episode, Coach Bill opens up about the impact of a powerful quote from Andy Stanley, highlighting the irreplaceable role of a father in a child’s life. He also bravely discusses his own struggles with balancing work, coaching, and family life, and how this realization led to significant changes and a renewed focus on leadership at home.

We dive deep into the importance of forgiveness, self-reflection, and personal growth as key components of becoming the best dads we can be. Coach Bill shares personal anecdotes, his experience with coaching, and even reflects on family dinners as a powerful way to create and maintain a strong bond within the household.

It’s an episode filled with raw emotions, valuable insights, and actionable steps to enhance your journey as a dad. You won’t want to miss it


About “Coach” Bill Courtney:

Bill Courtney is the president and CEO of Classic American Hardwoods, a lumber company that employs 120 people. He also serves as a volunteer high school football coachwriter Against The Grain, subject of Oscar Winning Documentary Undefeated and gives speeches to packed audiences across the country.


Courtney, a member of the city’s prestigious Society of Entrepreneurs, lives in Memphis, Tennessee with his wife Lisa, and their four children.


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