Today, we bring you an exciting podcast episode featuring Nick Scrivens, the creator and founder of Fore Fathers.

In this episode, Nick shares his inspiring journey into fatherhood and the creation of Fore Fathers, a brand that celebrates and supports dads on their journey through parenting. He emphasizes the importance of being obsessed with fatherhood and being the best dad one can be. 

Throughout the episode, Nick highlights the importance of support from family and friends. He expresses deep gratitude for his in-laws, brother, and mom, who have been pillars of strength in his parenting journey. Nick also discusses the challenges of balancing work and family life, especially during these chaotic times. He shares insights into the difficulties and joys of raising his two children and the unique experiences he’s had as a father.

Additionally, Nick touches upon his experience in creating Fore Fathers, a brand dedicated to inspiring and supporting fathers. He shares the highs and lows of starting a business and the pivotal moment when a meme posted on Facebook gained traction, leading to the success of one of Fore Fathers’ signature designs, the “Turf Dad” polo shirt. Nick explains the importance of effective marketing strategies and the value of attending local events to create brand awareness. Notably, we discuss the need for more open conversations about fatherhood and the creation of a supportive community for dads.

Nick’s journey and experiences shine a spotlight on the challenges fathers face, along with the joys and rewards that come with being a dad. We believe that his story will resonate deeply with each of you, inspiring and motivating you to embrace your role as a father with confidence, love, and dedication.

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As we wrap up this episode, we introduce you to DadMentor, a new dad community founded to provide support, resources, and networking opportunities for fathers. DadMentor offers a wealth of valuable tools, including a dad’s roadmap, monthly masterclasses, Q&A sessions, group meetups, and a resource library designed to help you feel in control, connected, and confident as a father. We encourage you to check it out and be part of this empowering community.  

About Nick Scrivens and FORE FATHERS:

Nick is the CEO and founder of Fore Fathers, the renowned polo brand made by dads for dads. 

Fore Fathers has garnered significant recognition for its unique approach to ‘dad fashion’ and its unwavering commitment to building a genuine community anchored in fatherhood. Nick is a dad to two kids and lives in Texas.


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