At Dad Central our vision is to see every child have access to an involved, responsible and devoted dad. We exist to connect, inspire and train dads and communities to build healthy children together.

As we approach the fall of 2021 and a post-pandemic world, we’re starting a new blog series that goes back to the basics. It’s our Facts For Fathers series.

For the rest of this year we’ll focus on helping fathers know what a positively involved dad looks like including:

    • What is a positively involved dad
    • What children need from dads
    • How to support children’s healthy growth and development
    • How to be a dad through difficult circumstances
    • Caring for yourself as a dad
    • Keeping your kids safe
    • Understanding a dad’s role in playing with children
    • Helping kids develop character
    • And more…

Each week the facts will outline simple and practical advice for dads and those who want to support them.

We hope you enjoy this series. If you know a dad who could use encouragement, send them the link and have them sign up for our weekly newsletter!

Facts for Fathers

What is a Positively Involved Father?

So you’re a dad just trying to raise your kids the best you can. But what is a dad’s role today?

Dads can fulfill six different roles in the life of a child. How many of these are you focusing on? Are there any you have not, but could start?

Provider Father
Meeting the basic necessities of life – food, clothing, shelter – and ensuring emotional safety.

Interactive Father
Talking, playing, and making your children a part of your world, teaches communication skills, how to get along with others, and the values of your culture/religion.

Nurturing Father
Doing what is necessary to help your children grow physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.

Affectionate Father
Kind, tender words and actions build a close and loving relationship between you and your children.

Responsible Father
Giving guidance and protection as your children find their way through the world.

Committed Father
Having your children consistently on your mind shows they are important to someone and that they belong.

Positively Involved Fathers Benefit Everyone in the Family

It’s Good For Kids

Studies have shown that children with involved fathers are usually better off, for several reasons. They are less likely to live in poverty and more likely to do better in school. They are more likely to have supportive relationships with both parents, and they are less likely to have a stressed out mother. All of those things are very good for children.

It’s Good For Mothers

Many things about family life have changed. More women with young children work outside the home. More families live far away from close relatives. And most mothers don’t have the kind of female support network that was common in the past. So today, mothers need a father’s support more than ever before.

It’s Good For Fathers

The rules about what men do and what women do have been changing for some time. That enables men to play a bigger part in one of the great human activities: looking after children and helping them grow. There’s a huge satisfaction that goes with it that you can’t get from anything else you do, not to mention that it just feels good when you have a good relationship with your children.

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