On this episode of the Dad Central Show, hosts Ed Gough Jr. and Drew Soleyn talk with Jim White, author of “How to be the parent your teenager needs you to be.” With over 40 years of experience studying personal growth, marriage and parenting, Jim shares his expertise and offers practical advice for parents navigating the teenage years.

Jim discusses his three fundamentals that every parent needs to have in order to parent their pre-teen and teens. He’s very passionate about helping parents shift from a control mindset to an empowerment mindset. He emphasizes the importance of active listening and open communication to better understand your teen’s perspective. The conversation also covers the role of technology and social media in today’s world and how parents can help their teens develop healthy habits and relationships with technology.

Throughout the episode, Jim provides practical tips and strategies for building a stronger relationship with your teen, such as quality time, shared experiences, and understanding their love language. He stresses the importance of a supportive and loving environment for a teenager’s emotional and mental well-being.

This episode is a valuable resource for any parent seeking to strengthen their relationship with their teenager and navigate the challenges of parenting during these crucial years.

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    About Jim White:

    I am an author, coach and founder of the Family Enrichment Academy.

    I have spent the last 40 years studying the topics of personal development, marriage and parenting. More importantly, I have also spent those 40 years applying these lessons and living my life as a husband, a father to 6 children and a grandfather to 12 … Papa Jim.   

    The mission of The Family Enrichment Academy is to share 40 years of lessons and hard earned wisdom.  To empower parents to be the hero within their families. To teach the principles, values and beliefs that will lead to a “successful family”.  A family full of peace, joy, warmth, and love. 

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