In this episode Ed and Drew talk to Jay Gabrani, the founder of Prepared Fathers. Jay is a dad to three teenagers who lost his wife in 2014. Prior to losing his wife, he held a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation and spent the majority of his adult life as an entrepreneur and real estate investor.

While he worked through the emotional and financial fallout from his wife’s tragic death, he found the process to be very challenging – even with his professional experiences in finance. As a result, he founded Prepared Fathers to help dads prepare their families financially for every circumstance, not just tragedy.

This discussion focusses on Jay’s personal story, but also the process of preparing yourself and your family financially. We explore the important steps dads should be taking right from the start to support a healthy financial future. We cover basic principles and practical steps for dads in this all important area of fatherhood.

Jay demonstrates his personal strength, professional skills and passion for helping fathers and families achieve their future goals through this conversation.  We know you’ll take something away that you can apply right now!

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    After his first child was born in 2005, Jay jumped into the world of real estate investing.

    Despite several challenges along the way, he built a multiple seven-figure real estate portfolio. That portfolio helped him take a multi-year sabbatical to deal with heartbreaking personal tragedy when his wife passed away in 2014.

    This experience lead Jay to reevaluate the purpose of his life while taking a multi year sabbatical. Before his wife passed away, Jay thought he was financially prepared. After going through the experience of being the executor of his wife’s estate, he realized he wasn’t. 

    Today, Jay makes an impact raising his three children and empowering Fathers to secure their Family’s Financial Future as the founder of Prepared Fathers.

    He achieves this through his one-on-one and group coaching programs and his daily podcast A Minute with Jay. He is a frequent podcast guest and does a limited number of speaking engagements.

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