In this conversation we talk with JT Tsui, a coach, leader, and host of “The Huddle” about his journey through fatherhood. JT’s mission is to help others identify what is possible and then take action towards achieving it.

As we get into JT’s experieinces he shares examples of loss, criticism, and judgement that held him back as a man and father. We explore the reality of the difficult relationship with his father and the impact it’s had on him in recent years. For every challenge JT shares he offers stories of what’s he’s learned, and then distills proven practices that have helped him change his life.

From this conversation we see the results of taking deliberate and focussed action in the direction you want to go. JT talks about:

    • Creating habits that served him, rather than hurt him
    • Taking action in the direction you want to go vs falling victim to negative thinking
    • The power of removing self-judgement and self-criticism from your life

If you’ve ever found yourself at a crossroads and weren’t sure what to do, this conversation will give you practical steps to take in the right direction.

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About JT Tsui:

JT is a passionate and service-oriented Coaching Profesional with 20+ years of leadership and management experience in education, athletics and business. He is on a mission to show other people what is possible when you go “ALL IN” and truly bet on yourself.

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Dads love to see their kids grow into confident and successful adults. The problem is most dads feel unsure how to get there and have nowhere to turn for help.

The Dad Central Show coaches you to be your best, while bringing out the best in your family.

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