Welcome back to The Dad Central Show! In today’s episode we have the pleasure of diving into the topic of mentorship with our special guest, Kevin Harris. Kevin is the President of Radical Mentoring, an organization that offers free resources on mentoring.

Throughout the conversation, Kevin reveals the story behind Radical Mentoring and how it all started with the founder, Regi Campbell. Feeling overwhelmed by the individual needs he encountered, Regi discovered that spending more time with fewer people could have a greater impact. This led him to form a mentor group with a diverse group of men, kickstarting the mentorship program’s expansion.

Now, Radical mentoring is active in over 550 churches across 42 states and 14 countries, helping leaders and churches implement effective mentoring programs through their support and resources. Kevin shares how the ministry is funded by those who have been impacted by it, allowing them to continue their vital work.

But the episode isn’t just about mentorship. Kevin delves into his personal experiences as a father and how they have shaped his outlook on life. Reflecting on his own upbringing and the discovery of what brings him life, Kevin offers valuable insights into finding balance, practicing self-care, and navigating challenging relationships.

We also get a glimpse into Kevin’s family life, from raising two boys heavily involved in baseball to the significance of his 16-year-old son driving out of the driveway for the first time. Through his own journey of forgiveness and healing, Kevin shares the impact of mentorship and the generational impact it can have.

Throughout the episode, Kevin’s passion for creating a culture where fathers can embrace their true selves shines through. He encourages men to seek mentorship, to share their stories, and to be authentic and vulnerable with their loved ones. By modeling these behaviors, Kevin believes we can positively impact future generations and create stronger families.

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About Kevin Harris and Radical Mentoring:

Kevin Harris is the President of Radical Mentoring. As a part of Regi Campbell’s 2nd Radical Mentoring group in 2002, Kevin experienced a radical change as a husband, father, and Jesus-follower, leading him to craft the purpose statement that has guided him since . . . “I exist to glorify God by helping others unlock and apply their God-given talents and strengths.”

Kevin grew up in Durham, NC and attended Furman University before moving to Atlanta. Before joining Radical Mentoring, he led a sales team at Wells Real Estate Funds and served in sales positions at CNL and Atlas Energy. He and his wife Susan have two boys, Thomas and Bo. Kevin enjoys coaching his sons, cooking a good meal, reading a good book, and watching a good game.

Radical Mentoring website: https://radicalmentoring.com/ 

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