Welcome to The Dad Central Show, a podcast dedicated to helping dads be their best and raise confident and successful kids. Today we host Charlie Cates, a sports performance coach, personal trainer, and co-founder of the Exercise is Health method. Charlie shares his insights on how dads can improve their overall health and wellbeing using this unique approach.

Early in the conversation you learn about Charlie’s physical breakdown that impacted his journey to discovering health and longevity using exercise. As Charlie shares more you’ll quickly begin to hear him talk about the mindset shift that can help dads get moving just a little bit more, and how big an impact that can have on improving your overall health.

He also discusses the challenges of being a dad, business owner and partner while also juggling your health. Charlie has two young children and knows firsthand what dads face in the process of staying consistent. His approach helps dads make practical steps towards better health, and it only takes a few minutes a day. 

This conversation will inspire dads to honestly assess their approach and see what simple change may help them move towards better health.

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    About Charlie Cates:

    Charlie has been helping men develop their strength and athleticism since 2008. A former college athlete turned sports performance coach at the collegiate and professional levels, he has taken his knowledge of athletic and muscle-building performance and combined it with an advanced education in biomechanics, physiology, and biochemistry to help men in their 30s and beyond build their strength and health without injury.

    A father of two, he has authored the best-selling book The Exercise For Life Method and hosts the highly-acclaimed Exercise Is Health® podcast with his wife, Julie.

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