Did you know that preventable injuries are the number one killer of children? That’s a grim opening to this blog, but it’s not intended to scare you. It’s intended to get your attention and indicate how important this topic is!

In this edition of our Facts for Fathers series: Injury Prevention, we provide important facts to help dads protect their children.

No parent wants to endure the pain of serious injury or worse to their child. Fathers who are attentive and responsible in their relationship have children who are less likely to be injured by accidents. Read through these valuable tips and examples of common childhood injuries to protect your children from preventable injuries.

“Fathers who are attentive and responsible in their relationship have children who are less likely to be injured by accidents.”

Injuries are never completely avoidable, but many can be prevented with some of these ideas:

    • Pay attention to your children. Know where they are and what they are doing.
    • Play with your children. Physical play teaches coordination, limits and ability. It also develops strength, agility, and balance.
    • Teach your children life skills. Help them learn how to be safe in the kitchen, the bathroom, and their community.
    • Let them try new things. This helps children gain confidence in themselves and to know what they can and cannot do.
    • Use safety equipment properly. Helmets, seat belts, and athletic equipment are meant to lessen the impact of accidents.
    • Know what your children can and cannot do. Every child is different. Have reasonable expectations about their abilities.
    • Keep poisonous and dangerous items out of reach. Chemicals, plants, and choking hazards need to be kept away from children.

Common Childhood Injuries Dads Should Know

Pedestrian – Young children have not developed the ability to think and act with the many challenges that traffic brings.

Playgrounds – High climbers, swings, and teeter totters are inviting things for kids. Falls, slips, and pinched fingers are common.

In the Home – The kitchen offers many opportunities for burns (stove), cuts (a knife), and falls (off a stool). Drowning, falls, and cuts can happen in the bathroom.

Car – Seat belts are the most important way to keep children safe in a car. Keeping the doors locked and the windows up are also helpful.

Bicycles & Skateboards – Many head injuries, broken bones, and scraped knees and elbows happen on bikes and skateboards.

Sports – Physical injury is common in many sports, especially where there is contact between the children playing.

Swimming & Water – Children are often drawn to water but may not yet understand the risks and danger.

Poisons – Medication, household cleaners, and personal care products are common sources of poison.

“The best way to prevent any injury is to pay attention to where your children are and what they are doing.”

The Injury Prevention “Fact Marks for Fathers” resource can be downloaded here, or a hard copy can be purchased in our store.

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