In this short episode Ed and Drew talk about the top five challenges dads expressed in a recent survey.

We know dads feel the pressure in these areas but also know there is a way to overcome them. We also know that dads face barriers and feel isolated in their parenting experience. This conversation gives dads a sneak peak at our new resource and invites them to our free training series starting June 7, 2023.

Their is value in knowing you’re not alone in the challenges you face, so every dad who listens has something to gain from this episode. No matter what age or stage, you can find a community in Dad Central who understands and supports you.

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Imagine the satisfaction of knowing you have the tools to navigate any parenting situation and no longer feel alone as a dad.
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Part 1 – WEDNESDAY, June 7 at 11 am ET
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Part 3 – TUESDAY, June 13 at 11 am ET

There will also be a bonus “put it all together” masterclass on June 16 at 11 am ET.

Here’s what we’ll be covering…


WEDNESDAY, JUNE 7: The Role and Value of Being a Dad

We have a lot to discuss, but it starts by ANSWERING this question:

Are you striving to be an exceptional dad but struggling, feeling uncertain, or unappreciated?

In the first part of our workshop, I will share the KEY SOLUTION that will help you understand what your kids really need and the IMPORTANT role you play in their growth and development.

SATURDAY, JUNE 10The Key To Being A Dad

During this session, I will provide proven principles to help you find a balance between caring for your children, partner, and work. 

Get ready to make a SIGNIFICANT impact with practical advice and actionable strategies for managing your responsibilities.

TUESDAY, JUNE 13: The Essential Skill For Dads

During this session, we’ll walk through the simple but most important skill for all dads.


This is the foundation of having an open, supportive and loving relationship. And I’ll share the 3 crucial skills to help you create an environment where your kids and partner feel heard, understood and valued.


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No matter where you are on your fatherhood path, TOGETHER, we can build a meaningful legacy filled with love, support, and thriving families.

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Dads love to see their kids grow into confident and successful adults. The problem is most dads feel unsure how to get there and have nowhere to turn for help.

The Dad Central Show coaches you to be your best, while bringing out the best in your family.

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