Since 2020 Dad Central has partnered with Dove Men+Care to promote involved fatherhood across Canada. In that time, over 150,000 dads have been impacted through delivery of free fatherhood resources and training.

As we approach Father’s Day 2022, it’s time to accelerate our impact and reach even more dads, which impacts even more kids and families.

Here are three ways Dad Central and Dove Men+Care are working to serve dads and their families:

1. The Dad Central Show: Tools to Raise Confident & Successful Kids is a new podcast, sponsored by Dove Men+Care and hosted by Dad Central’s Drew Soleyn and Ed Gough Jr.

We know dads love to see their kids grow into confident and successful adults. The problem is most dads feel unsure how to get there and have nowhere to turn for help. The Dad Central Show coaches dads to be their best, while bringing out the best in their family.

Our candid conversations with fatherhood role models, topical experts and real dads will give dads the tools they’ll need for the job.

Dads play an important role in helping kids succeed in life and their influence is needed right from the start. With limited resources dedicated to dads, the show will eliminate barriers to accessing credible and highly practical support for dads, which helps them show up at their best for those who need them most.

The Dad Central Show gets honest and gives practical & proven steps every dad can take to grow into his role as a dad.

A sample of guests you’ll hear from include:

    • Sportsnet’s Donnovan Bennett talks about his purpose as a dad
    • Former Vancouver Canucks Captain and NHLPA President Trevor Linden gets real about mental health and not screwing up your kid
    • Canada Research Chair for Men’s Health Promotion Dr. John Oliffe shares insights on how to build healthy relationships
    • Author and stay at home Dad Shannon Carpenter talks about the importance of showing up as a dad
    • Toronto Raptors broadcaster Jack Armstrong talks about being a ‘white’ adoptive dad to three black children
    • Members of the National At-Home Dad Network talk about the power of finding community
    • plus so many more powerful stories from real dads will inspire everyone who listens. Connect with their stories and learn what’s worked (or hasn’t) in their fatherhood adventure

We’re so excited about these epic conversations that we can’t wait to launch the show on Monday, June 13th!

Because the show is new, we’d love to hear your comments, questions, or guest and show suggestions. Send them to us at [email protected].


2. Dad Central Partners with Author Tessa Lloyd and 10 Prominent Canadian Men to Create Champion Dads.

Starting June 1st, we’ll be revealing a new Champion Dad for the first 10 days of June. These prominent Canadian men are sharing their stories to inspire every dad to take an active role in the lives of their children.

Why Champion Dads? Because our vision is, An involved, responsible and devoted dad for every child, we’re dedicated to seeing dads fully embrace their role as fathers. The challenge is that most dads don’t have:

    • A strong role model to follow
    • An understanding of how important they are in the lives of their kids
    • The ‘know how’ to manage daily dad life
    • Strong friendships or relationships with other dads

The Champion Dad project is part of our strategy to create deeper awareness of, and strong connection to how important the dad role is for dads, their kids and their partners. The research is clear how much dads provide to helping kids succeed in life. It’s also clear on how much dads and their partners benefit when they are active and positively involved in their family.

Our other goals are to create greater advocacy for dads and their unique needs. More people need to know how important dads are, and how to support them in their roles at home.

Having these 10 men as Champion Dads signals to the country that fatherhood matters. That dads matter. That their families and the people closest to them matter. And that dads everywhere have role models to follow. Read their stories and find the Champion Dad within yourself.

3. Dad Central Partners with Fatherhood Researcher Dr. Jessica Ball, Jessica Pratezina and the Public Health Agency of Canada to release new infographics about fatherhood in Canada.

Built off a review of the current literature (2015-2019) on father involvement, this report analyzed over 245 studies. It distilled the most current knowledge about the critical role of fathers in families, barriers to positive father involvement, gaps in research, conditions of special populations of fathers, policy recommendations, and helpful strategies for increasing positive father involvement.

Starting June 20th, three new infographics summarizing crucial facts will be released and available for free download on If you’d like to purchase hard copies, please contact [email protected].

Dad Central is committed to providing resources, support and advocacy for the importance of fathers in the lives of their children.

If you’d like to learn more, support our work, or make a donation, please email [email protected]. We’d love to connect with you and have your help to positively impact the future of every child.