This week Drew talks to Amar Lohana, who founded the Toronto City Dads Group in 2017 when he became a stay-at-home dad. Amar’s journey to fatherhood gave him a few surprises, while prompting him to explore how he wanted to define his fatherhood experience.

Prior to becoming a stay-at-home dad Amar worked in New York at Goldman Sachs – one of the world’s most prestigious investment banks. The transitions he’s experieinced in going from a career in finance and technology to being a stay at home dad, growing his family, and now, being the founder of a media company haven’t been easy, but he’s learned a few lessons along the way that have helped him.

Highlights from this conversation include:

  • How Amar fathers very differently than his father parented him
  • Why communication with his wife was so critical to working through the transitions they faced as parents
  • The most important step he took to support himself through his various transitions

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About Amar Lohana:

Amar Lohana founded the Toronto Dads Group in 2017 when he became a stay-at-home dad. From one stay-at-home dad looking to connect to other dads, it has grown to a community of over 500 fathers who network, socialize, have fun, learn, and support each other as they navigate parenthood. The group is part of the larger City Dads Group network, which has chapters in most major metropolitan areas in the United States and eastern Canada.

In addition to his work with the Toronto Dads Group, Amar founded Akelo Media, a documentary film production company, in 2020. Through Akelo Media, he creates thought-provoking films that explore important social and cultural issues. Prior to moving to Toronto, Amar worked for 15 years in technology and finance in New York City. He is a father of two.

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