2020 has been hard. As the final few days of the year approach, we also know many are longing for rest and a sense of hope for 2021.

That’s exactly what this season is about. A time for hope, peace, and belief that next year will be better.

No matter what traditions you celebrate – be it the birth of a King, the festival of lights, the celebration of first harvest, or the chance to practice generosity and goodwill among humanity – this season is the perfect time to reflect on the hope we all can have for a brighter tomorrow.

As you connect with family and friends, whether in person or virtually, we want to wish you a good end to 2020 and a great start to 2021. We hope that Dad Central has been a source of encouragement and support for you – personally as a dad/parent, or professionally in your capacity to serve dads and families. And this time of year wouldn’t be complete without us offering one more resource for the holidays.

To help you celebrate the best of 2020 and look forward to 2021, we’ve put together a short holiday gathering conversation starter. You can use it with your kids, a loved one, or your entire family. The goal is to stimulate your collective thoughts, inject some humour and help you and your loved ones find hope.

Download Holiday Conversation Starter Resource

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a very Happy New Year!