On this episode of The Dad Central Show, we sit down with Anthony Palmer, the creator of Wake.Dad.Drink.Repeat, a podcast that challenges unfair stereotypes and discusses the experiences of fathers. Anthony believes in embracing both traditional masculine roles, such as being a leader and provider, as well as displaying gentleness and love. Being primarily at home with his kids while his wife is the main provider, Anthony shares the struggles he faces balancing his professional career and spending time with his children.

Through therapy and conversations with other dads, Anthony has gained valuable insights and perspectives on fatherhood, from those with newborns to grandparents. He opens up about adopting his daughter and later having a biological son, which resulted in a significant age gap between the two children. As his son prepares to start kindergarten, Anthony reflects on this chapter of his life coming to an end, prompting him to make the most of his time with his children during the summer before they start school.

Anthony shares his decision to take Fridays off during the summer to spend quality time with his kids, highlighting the positive impact it has had on his family. He acknowledges the challenges of finding a balance between family and work responsibilities but emphasizes the importance of being present in the moments with his children.

Finally Anthony, Ed and Drew share a common sentiment about the value of hosting meaningful conversations for their listeners by discussing topics that are not typically talked about, such as miscarriages and IVF. They believe in normalizing conversations about fatherhood and creating a safe space for dads to express their emotions and struggles.

Tune in to this episode of The Dad Central Show to hear Anthony Palmer share his personal journey as a father, his experiences with adoption, and his commitment to challenging stereotypes and normalizing conversations about fatherhood.

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About Anthony Palmer:

Anthony Palmer is the creator and host of Wake.Dad.Drink.Repeat and the Founder of Palm Tree Pod Co. He lives in Knoxville, TN with his wife Michelle and his two kids, Anderson and Oliver. He considers being a dad to be one of the greatest privileges in the world. He loves talking about being a dad with people and learning how to be a better dad tomorrow than he is today.


About The Dad Central Show:

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