In this episode of The Dad Central Show, Dr. Charles Daniels explores the reality of what men and fathers need to be involved in their children’s lives. Built off his foundational work in communities, he explores the importance of parenting structures and how they contribute to or create barriers for dads.

With an inside out approach Dr. Daniels and Fathers’ UpLift are helping dads change the trajectory of their lives and relationships. Their organization helps dads learn how to parent themselves, deal with their inner child, and recognize the roots of their behaviour and actions. They also provide critical resources that meet the most urgent needs of black and Hispanic fathers.

Regardless of a father’s experience there are many barriers that often get in the way of allowing them to connect with their children. Fathers’ UpLift learned directly from fathers how the deeper emotional issues created significant barriers…but also how deeply they longed to be involved in the lives of their children. Many had been absent for many years but struggled to overcome the barriers – some as simple as picking up the phone. Fathers’ UpLift has helped these men overcome shame, fear, guilt, co-parenting issues, financial hardship and all other barriers.

In this Conversation, You’ll Discover:

    • How Fathers’ UpLift got started and why it’s grown

    • Dr. Daniels’ personal recovery from the brink of suicide

    • The greatest barrier men and dads face

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About Dr. Charles Daniels:

Charles C. Daniels Jr., Ph.D., M.Div., LICSW is a therapist and the chief executive officer of Fathers’ UpLift Inc., which is the US’s first mental health and substance abuse treatment facility for fathers and families, helping fathers become and remain emotionally stable for their children. He has spent the last decade providing therapy to Black men, helping them overcome the effects of toxic masculinity, racism, and oppression. He has taught at Harvard University and Simmons University and has appeared on numerous television and radio programs as well as delivering a TED Talk. He is married with two children and lives in Massachusetts.

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