On this episode of The Dad Central Show, Drew Soleyn and Ed Gough Jr. discuss various aspects of wellness and self-care for dads. They start by acknowledging the demands and responsibilities that can pull dads in different directions, making it challenging to prioritize physical activity and exercise. However, they stress the importance of investing in oneself to avoid frustration and strained relationships.

They discuss the factors that prevent men or dads from prioritizing self-care and express their passion for fathers taking care of their health to be there for their children and families. The hosts express concern about fathers not regularly seeing doctors and potentially missing serious health issues.

The hosts also discuss the concept of creating margin and quiet space in our lives to prevent overwhelming daily demands. They highlight the challenge of transitioning from work mode to dad mode and the importance of intentional practices or mindsets to separate the two. They share stories of individuals who struggled with emotional connections due to a lack of transition between work and home life. Furthermore, Drew and Ed emphasize the significance of self-care practices for dads. They suggest taking 15 minutes each day to do nothing and finding moments of relaxation, such as sitting on the veranda. They share a success story of a listener who implemented a peaceful routine and found significant improvements in their life.

Drew and Ed introduce Dad Mentor, a new fatherhood community created by Dad Central. Dad Mentor aims to provide dedicated support for dads’ specific needs, offering resources such as the Dad’s roadmap, monthly master classes and Q&A sessions with experts, group meetups, a dad’s resource library, and exclusive offers and events. They encourage dads to join the community and invest in themselves and their families.

Learn more about DadMentor here: https://dadcentral.ca/dads/ 

Episode Overview:

00:00 – Intro
4:20 – Checking up on your health
10:16 – What prevents men from taking care of themselves
19:00 – Health isn’t only exercise
20:00 – Family can help with good fitness habits
21:24 – Laughter is the best medicine
22:25 – Find time in the day to just do nothing
26:00 – Laughter (Continued)
27:13 – Cleaning up your mental mess
32:46 – Outro

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