In this episode of The Dad Central Show we talk with Jerrad Lopes, a Christian author, speaker and founder of Dad Tired. Jerrad is a father of four who knows the challenges of being a husband and father while trying to juggle the demands of life.

In our conversation Jerrad opens up about his father leaving the family when he was only three years old, and the impact that had on him as a child. He talks about his journey as a young husband and father who had high hopes. He was motivated to be the best father and husband right from the start…but things didn’t go as planned.

Jerrad shares about the difficulty of seeing himself failing as a husband and dad, which left him on the brink of divorce. At that time two significant events happened, 1) his father came back into his life, and 2) he looked at his own three-year-old son and knew he couldn’t walk away like his father did.

As the conversation continues, Jerrad explores the many steps he took to grow into the person he wanted to be and have the type of relationships and life he wanted to have. He gives listeners great perspective, simple stories, and powerful insights about what often happens for men and dads as they struggle with relationships and life.

His work with men and fathers provides rich context for what often happens to men, and why we need to have the courage to be vulnerable, connect with other men, and work on reducing the amount of selfishness and immaturity that often plagues us. He leaves listeners with a simple question that can help any dad find perspective on what really matters.

In this Conversation You’ll Discover:

    • How Dad Tired got started and why it’s grown

    • Why breaking the culture of silence in men is so important

    • How to gain perspective on what matters most

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Jerrad Lopes Conversation Highlights:

00:00 Intro
03:57 Jerrad talks about his dad
10:00 Jerrad reconnects with his dad as an adult
16:30 Jerrad talks about how his wife has helped him become a better man
19:05 How Dad Tired got started
22:31 The culture of silence in men
24:52 The greatest need for men and dads
29:00 How will I define my success as a dad and man?
33:40 How finding perspective can help you get through challenges as a dad
43:00 Having support to catch personal blind spots

About Jerrad Lopes:

Jerrad Lopes is a Christian author, speaker, and the founder of Dad Tired. As a father of four, he knows first-hand that living as a leader in your home is a weighty calling. He is passionate about equipping men and fostering community where together men can live out the gospel.

He and his wife Leila live in South Carolina with their four children. Learn more about Jerrad here.

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