In this episode of The Dad Central Show, we delve into the crucial topic of technology management and online safety with the esteemed guest Paul Davis, a renowned social media and online safety expert and educator. As our society becomes increasingly digital, it is imperative for parents to take responsibility in managing technology use within their homes. Paul sheds light on the significance of this parental role, emphasizing the need to cultivate good habits in children and shield them from the potential perils of excessive screen time and unsupervised consumption of online content.

Drawing from his expertise, Paul outlines three essential rules that every parent should consider and adopt when managing technology at home. These rules serve as practical guidelines to help parents navigate the digital landscape and protect their children effectively. Moreover, Paul highlights the importance of fostering open communication, building trusting relationships, and promoting healthy and constructive use of technology. Rather than battling against their children, Paul encourages parents to work together with them, empowering them to become responsible digital citizens.

Tune in to this insightful episode as we uncover the secrets to maintaining a safe and balanced technological environment within your family.

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About Paul Davis:

Paul Davis is a Social Media and Online Safety Eexpert and Educator who brings 32+ years of IT knowledge and expertise to his speaking engagements. He has presented to over 755,000 students from grades 4-12 across North America. SInce 2020 he’s also presnted to over 105,000 students virtually. Paul relates to kids as a father of two girls, and to parents as an IT/Cyber professional. His presentations are customized to his audience so they leave with relevant knowledge and feel empowered to make better decisions with their technology use. His audiences love the direct, factual and relevant information he shares in a powerful way.


About The Dad Central Show:

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