Since Covid hit, screen time for children has gone way up. With increased remote learning, use of video chats to stay connected, growing numbers of social media platforms and the rise of live streaming technology, children are online and using their digital devices more than ever.

In this climate, increased time online also means increased risks for your children.

Many dads feel overwhelmed when it comes to technology use and their children. In today’s digital world, it’s only gotten harder. Dad Central wants to help you, and we’ve assembled a panel of experts to simplify and clarify the most important steps dads need to take now. This show is a replay of a webinar discussion that provides insight and free resources to help dads:

  • Understand the risks children face online
  • Talk to children about digital safety
  • Set boundaries on screen use without causing “Armageddon” in the home
  • Use parental control features and software to help keep children safe online

Dads want to keep kids safe, and it has never been more important than now. Listen to this panel of experts, who also happen to be dads themselves, help you protect your kids from online dangers.

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J. LeVar Bryan Sr, CEO and Online Business Manager, LeVar Legacy Operations Agency:

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    Dads love to see their kids grow into confident and successful adults. The problem is most dads feel unsure how to get there and have nowhere to turn for help.

    The Dad Central Show coaches you to be your best, while bringing out the best in your family.

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