One of the main ways Dad Central supports dads and organizations is the creation of resources. Every year we see thousands of materials distributed through organizations that serve families. We also see hundreds more downloaded for free here on our website.

The resources have been created with the help of a national network, including the Public Health Agency of Canada, dads, researchers, early childhood educators, and a variety of other professionals.

For almost 20 years, Dad Central has worked tirelessly to educate and empower dads on the importance of being involved in the lives of their children. The resources created have been recognized for their quality and requested across the world.

You hopefully already know about our free e-books for dads available for download through our Free Resources page, but today we’re going to share some of our top “hidden” (or little known) gems.

Resources For New and Expecting Dads

The New Dad Manual (aka 24-HR Cribside Assistance) is the Holy Grail of information for new and expecting dads. Regardless of whether you’re a first-time dad or have been through the experience of having a newborn before, the New Dad Manual is chock-full of information to guide you through the journey of caring for a newborn.

Parents sometimes say they wish babies came with an instruction manual. The New Dad Manual is that instruction manual.

Where is the New Dad Manual available? You can access the PDF version of the New Dad Manual directly through this link for absolutely free. That’s not all though!

Hidden Gem: because the experience of having a newborn is such a monumental life event, we have a website dedicated exclusively to help at where you’ll find tons of helpful videos and articles.

If you work with families, you might be wondering if we have any resources to help you work with new dads. On our Workshop Manuals page, we have a free workshop manual geared specifically to working with new dads. Until the end of July, the forms to access all of our workshop manuals are optional (fields are appreciated but not required) – if you want to skip the form, just hit “All Access” to bypass it.

The workshop is designed to engage, open conversation, and educate new dads all about what to expect and how to manage the first year of parenting. You can learn more about the workshop and download it from the Workshop Manuals page or you can access it directly through this link.

Resources for Fathers New to Canada

In partnership with Families Canada and funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, we have a great video for new dads to Canada.

This video will help you learn more about the ways dads going through the immigration process can continue to support and provide for their families through employment services, community involvement and play.

If you work with dads and are looking for a workshop to help dads adjust to their new lives in Canada, we have a great workshop manual for you. Coming to Canada from another country brings many changes. These changes are even more evident and impactful when there are children involved.

With our workshop manual Fathers in a New Land, you can help fathers learn about the expectations around parenting in Canada and what it has meant for them to come to this country.

You can access the workshop directly through this link or through our Workshop Manuals page. 

Dad Central YouTube Channel

We recently created a YouTube Channel where we host all our past online discussions for you to view in one convenient place. In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be creating new and engaging content that will be housed exclusively on YouTube.

You can check out the Dad Central YouTube Channel here. We’d love it if you’d support our channel by subscribing. We still have a long way to go but as we create new content, we’re confident you’ll love it! 

Dad Central Resource Store

We have a ton of great resources available through the Dad Central Resource Store. The store offers printed versions of our 7 dad e-books, bookmarks, tip sheets, fact-marks, our Super Dads Super Kids Facilitator Manual, our My Dad Matters online certification and much more.

We’re currently in the process of re-designing our online store to be directly on website here at but for now, our store is accessible at or through “Store” in our Menu.

Top Resources For Dads

We have 7 different e-books that provide great tips and advice for dads. The e-books are available for free download through our Free Resources page. You’ll notice there’s a form to access them but until the end of July, we’re making the forms optional – if you want to bypass it, just hit “Get Access” to skip the form and you can go straight to our unlocked page also available here.

We’re also in the process of updating and redesigning our e-books. As of March, our Involved Fathers e-book has been updated with a new look and feel. We’ll continue to update our remaining e-books in the coming months.

In partnership with Dove Men+Care, we’ve recently created three new pages to provide information and helpful tips on Paternity Leave, The Importance of Play and Working From Home With Kids. These resources are also accessible through our Menu under “I’m a Dad”.

Additional resources are also available on the Dove Men+Care Website here.

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