“Someone, somewhere, should always feel that someone cares about them. Someone is thinking of them. Someone makes them a priority!” ~ Niigaan Sinclair

In the new episode of The Dad Central Show, we welcome a very special guest, Niigaanwewidam James Sinclair. He shares insights into Indigenous culture, specifically the Anishinaabe. He talks about the important role of uncles in raising children instead of dads.

As the discussion continues, Niigaan shares a touching story of the anger he had toward his father and how their relationship evolved over the years. Then he explains his journey to becoming a dad, what fears, hopes, and challenges came up in this process, and how he managed them.

This conversation is about the revolution of vulnerability and love. We invite all dads and parents to “listen” in on this enlightening talk that touches on deep and meaningful elements of Indigenous cultural practices.

Niigaan Sinclair Conversation Highlights:

    • The importance of being present as a dad
    • Keys to a great father-child relationship
    • The lack of role models in Indigenous communities and the tragic consequence of residential schools

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