Welcome to The Dad Central Show! In this episode, we sit down with Joe Rawlinson, the creator of Dad’s Guide to Twins website, an author of two books, and the host of a popular podcast with a similar name. Join us as we dive into Joe’s fascinating journey and explore the unique challenges and joys of being a twin dad.

At 3:45, Joe Rawlinson introduces himself, giving us a glimpse into his life. From there, we delve into his childhood experiences at 4:57 and the characteristics he has carried on from his dad at 6:26. The conversation takes an exciting turn at 9:36 as Joe shares his journey to becoming a dad and provides insights on getting through the early years of parenting twins at 12:56.

As the discussion progresses, we explore how Joe has worked through stress and pressure (15:23) and the importance of paternity leave (18:58). We then discover the inspiration behind Dad’s Guide to Twins at 20:28 and learn about common challenges faced by twin dads at 23:49.

Joe also shares his experiences talking to other twin dads (26:49) and offers valuable advice on supporting the identity of identical twins (31:58). We delve into Joe’s personal challenges as a twin dad at 35:08 and how he maintains a calm attitude, passing it on to others at 36:46.

In the latter part of the episode, we explore how Joe spends his spare time (42:52) and discuss the importance of working well with your partner (44:10). Finally, at 48:22, Joe shares his closing thoughts, leaving listeners inspired and enlightened by his unique perspective on fatherhood.

Tune in to The Dad Central Show to join this engaging conversation with Joe Rawlinson, a seasoned twin dad, and gain valuable insights on navigating the exciting journey of parenting twins.

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    Hi, my name is Joe Rawlinson! I’m the dad behind Dad’s Guide to Twins where I’ve helped thousands of twin parents like you prepare for and raise twins through helpful articles, books, podcasts, videos, and more since 2009.

    You have concerns about finances, healthy babies (and mom), physically caring for two, getting twins to sleep, and more. You’re not alone. You’ll find answers to your most pressing questions here on this site.


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