How to Get Your Kids to Listen and Follow Your Guidance​​​​​​​

Every dad wants to see his children succeed and can teach them how to reach their goals. Yet these days kids seem more interested in listening to their social media feeds, the latest “influencers,” or even their friends – rather than their dads.

This webinar focuses on helping dads get their kids to listen and follow their guidance. Rather than getting frustrated at your kids’ bad attitudes, bad decisions or worse….this webinar will help you learn the key skills needed to build trust and influence with your kids. It will be especially helpful if you have teenagers.

​​​After watching, you’ll leave with:

    • Knowledge of what kids need most to follow your direction
    • Communication tools that earn trust
    • Self-management principles and understanding why they are so important
    • Negotiation skills for creating influence
    • Clarity and confidence to support your kids

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