In this episode we talk to the hosts of the Modern Dadhood podcast, Adam Flaherty and Marc Checket about their fatherhood journey, unique friendship, and the unexpected isolation that can impact a father when they become parents.

A fun part of this show happened when Adam and Marc started asking questions of us, which made it feel like we were guests on their show.  Their comfort with discussing real topics but also injecting their unique personality and partnership inspired Ed and Drew.

Talking to Adam and Marc was an honest, thoughtful, and enlightening conversation about the fatherhood journey. In their podcast they’ve explored fatherhood from so many angles and opened themselves to all types of perspectives in the process of learning to be a dad. This growth mindset comes through and inspired a great conversation. 

We explored:


  • Marc’s journey with IVF and becoming a father almost 20 years into his established career
  • Adam’s passion and curiosity that startled Marc and inspired him to get involved in the podcast
  • The reality that our parents really impact our own parenting
  • The truth about recognizing our own flaws, but not being trapped by them
  • Plus much more…

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    About Adam Flaherty and Marc Checket:

    Adam Flaherty is a commercial director, editor, podcaster, and creator of meaningful content. He founded Anchor Line, a full service video production and animation company in 2011. Over the next few years, Anchor Line became the premier production company in New Hampshire and was recognized by Google in their “Grow With Google” initiative. In 2019, Anchor Line combined forces with Saltwater Collective, a digital agency where Flaherty serves as Executive Producer and continues to direct commercials, industrial videos, brand anthems, and more. He’s a husband to an inspiring wife, and a dad to two powerful young daughters. 
    Marc Checket is a dad to twins, Art Director at a Boston area marketing agency, and a podcaster who spends his spare time creating music. Having cut his teeth in the New York City film advertising industry, Marc eventually migrated to New England and shifted his focus to the marketing and communications world. His discipline ranges from building brand identities to conceiving and creating powerful campaigns and digital experiences. In addition, Marc loves a good brainstorming session and finds inspiration in making authentic connections between brands and audiences.

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