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First, our webinars are free! That’s great, but why should you choose to watch them?

Our webinars are chock-full of helpful tips and advice to guide dads on a variety of topics. All 1 hour in length, our free webinars feature panels of experts and dads engaging in relaxed conversation to help you:

  • Learn about relevant dad topics in a relaxed setting
  • Enhance your confidence as a dad
  • Access additional resources to guide you as a dad


What people say about our free webinars:

"It was interesting, and the speakers were dads themselves so they were knowledgeable about children and also that it was very down-to-earth that I believe anyone could watch it and would enjoy it."

“I have attended a few of your events and find them to be very informative. I also like the relaxed presentation style—it's like having a conversation with a friend.”

“I really do like listening to the various experiences of the facilitators and also the info shared is very helpful, non-judgmental and encouraging."

"I really enjoyed listening to the speakers emphasizing the importance of creating positive attachment which we know is the foundation for healthy growth and development."

"I enjoyed the sharing of ideas in a relaxed, upbeat manner!"

our free webinar Topics:

How Dads Can Raise Resilient Kids

How Dads Can Raise Resilient Kids discusses methods to help us manage the stress and pressure we feel as dads. We go over healthy strategies to improve our mental wellness and how to support our kids in developing their own mental wellness strategies.

Our children look up to us and model our behaviour. By looking within ourselves, showing vulnerability and starting the discussion on mental wellness, we can set the example our children need.

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Protecting Your Kids in a Digital World

Many dads feel overwhelmed when it comes to technology use and their children. In today’s digital world, it’s only gotten harder. Dad Central wants to help you, and we’ve assembled a panel of experts to simplify and clarify the most important steps dads need to take now.

Dads want to keep kids safe, and it has never been more important than now.

Featuring expert panelists J.LeVar Bryan Sr. of The Dad’s List, social networking safety expert and TEDx Speaker Paul Davis, and MediaSmarts’ media education specialist Marc Alexandre Ladouceur, Protecting Your Kids in a Digital World gives you the information, resources, and the skills needed to take immediate action.

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Five Things Every Kid Needs From Dad

This conversation outlines the five things that every daughter and son needs from dad. There are differences, and as dads, adjusting to what our kids need will help them succeed.

Research shows dads are critical to the success and development of their children. When dads are positively involved, children do better in school, have less behavioral problems, do better socially, and are mentally and emotionally healthier. Invest in your parenting now to help them overcome life’s challenges and achieve their potential.

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Talking to Kids About Racism

As dads, we have the unique opportunity to help shape the future for our children. A future where racial injustice no longer exists. But the reality we live in today makes it challenging.

An interactive discussion featuring a panel of dads who share personal insights on raising kids while navigating the challenges of racial injustice.

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How Dads Can Overcome Separation and Still Parent Their Kids

In the real world, separation and divorce are common and many children do not live full-time with both biological parents. But parenting does not end after divorce or separation. We know that children of separated parents need good parenting — in fact, they may need it even more than other kids.

This discussion is about being a good father — the best one you can be in a difficult situation.

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The Widespread Benefits of Taking Paternity Leave

Every dad knows that having kids changes things…and most dads feel the responsibility of providing for their child(ren).

Did you know that when dads take paternity leave there are widespread benefits to kids, moms/partners, and to dads themselves?

This webinar will help dads know:

  • The research behind why paternity leave is so important
  • The benefits for children, dads, and moms/partners
  • The widespread impact and best practices based on Quebec’s success (over 85% of dads take paternity leave)

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