How do you deal with stress? Do you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders? Are you finding yourself feeling more anxious and irritated? Then this conversation will help!

In this episode we talk with Dr. Stuart Shanker, an expert on self-regulation. The ability to help ourselves manage the stresses of life are critical to your role as parents. Most people aren’t aware of the many sources of stress or how stress is impacting them. It’s also alarming to know that stress-related disorders are exploding in children of all ages – a fact that Dr. Shanker shares early in the conversation.

This conversation is a combination of fascinating science and personal stories that outline the importance of the parent-child relationship to support healthy self-regulation.

After listening, dads will know:

    • Why stress-related disorders are exploding in children of all ages
    • What’s the difference between self-regulation and self-control and why does this matter?
    • The practical steps dads can take to help themselves and their children self-regulate

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About Dr. Shanker:

Dr. Stuart Shanker (D.Phil) is a Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Psychology, the Founder & Visionary of The MEHRIT Centre, Ltd., and Self-Reg Global Inc. One of his many books, “Calm, Alert and Learning: Classroom Strategies for Self-Regulation (2012)”, is a top-selling educational publication in Canada. Self-Reg: How to Help Your Child (and You) Break the Stress Cycle and Successfully Engage With Life (2016), has garnered enthusiastic reviews and media attention throughout North America and has also been published in the United Kingdom, the United States, Poland, Germany, China, South Korea, Japan, the Netherlands, Georgia and the Czech Republic. His latest books are Self-Reg Schools: A Handbook for Educators (2019) and Reframed: Self-Reg for a Just Society (2020).

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