This week Ed and I are joined by former Harlem Globetrotter and founder of coaching firm DGMindset, Derick Grant. In this conversation we explore Derick’s early life and the powerful influence of his dad. Despite losing his father at 7 years old, Derick’s dad persevered and provided a loving influence for his children. Derick’s dad’s influence is evident throughout this engaging conversation.

The conversation moves to exploring Derick’s experience travelling for months at a time with the Harlem Globetrotters while trying to balance the demands of being a husband and father. He provides valuable insight and practices for dads who may find themselves physically absent but wanting to still be present for their children.

Delving further into the challenges of fatherhood and career, Derick talks about losing everything and how that helped him become a better father. Having to rebuild his family’s life after a devastating deception helped him make positive changes to be more present and engaged, while balancing the rest of life much better.

The conversation then shifts to the importance of being intentional and the value of discipline as a father. We conclude with Derick talking about the important leadership role dads have, likening them to CEOs of their family. He talks about the importance leading with authenticity, vulnerability and relatability. He leaves us with a powerful message to his own father, expressing gratitude for “pop-pop’s” words that have helped him succeed and that he says to his 10 year old son.


    • The power of being intentional as a dad
    • The importance of recognizing, processing, and communicating emotions
    • How to connect with your children and help them build strong habits

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Derick Grant Conversation Highlights:

00:00 Intro
06:00 Importance of being present as a dad
13:50 Importance of giving your child quality time no matter how much time you have (or don’t have)
15:00 What is your why as a dad?
17:39 Learning to have balance to achieve success
21:00 Am I being all I can be for my children?
25:25 Picking up the pieces after losing everything and how it helped him as a father
33:49 How to practice intentionality as a dad
36:00 Training for fatherhood like he did for sports
42:42 Leadership – the most important skill Derick needs to be a father
45:43 Derick’s message to his father

About Derick Grant:

Having played eight years for The World Famous Harlem Globetrotters, Derick knows what it takes to perform at an elite level. After realizing that it was his responsibility to cultivate this seed and make it grow, he set out on a mission to teach others. From experiencing his awakening at a rapid rate in 2020, Derick has been on a mission to help human beings remember what they were before they forgot. Derick now focuses on helping individuals to better understanding the nature of reality both in their inner world, and in their outer world. In His TEDx speech “Minding Your Mind: What the great ones don’t tell you”, Derick spoke about the importance of cultivating your mindset.

​Derick is now living his passion; helping people realize their hidden potential & awaken their Christ consciousness to see the unity in us all. He has successfully developed a coaching firm that helps people gain a limitless mindset by fully realizing their infinite potential. His mentorship has produced Professional athletes, Elementary school teachers, CEOs of corporations amongst others.

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