dads and talking to your kids about racism

An interactive discussion featuring a panel of dads who share personal insights on raising kids while navigating the challenges of racial injustice

As dads, we have the unique opportunity to help shape the future for our children. A future where racial injustice no longer exists. But the reality we live in today makes it challenging.

Dad Central and Dove Men+Care bring you an interactive conversation to help you get answers to important fatherhood questions like:

  • What are we doing as Dads to teach our child(ren) about racism?
  • How are we helping ourselves navigate through racial injustice?
  • How are we teaching our child(ren) to stand up for what’s right?
  • What are some tactics to speak to kids about racism?

Watch the replay to hear dads share their insights on raising kids while navigating challenges of racial injustice.

Event Panelists

Donnovan Bennett

Learn More About Donnovan

Event Hosts

Drew Soleyn
Director of Dad Central Ontario, Founder of Connected Dads, and a Career Coach at the Queen’s Smith School of Business

Ed Gough Jr.
Member of the Dad Central Ontario Steering Committee & Host of the award-winning The Dr. Vibe Show

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