In this conversation we talk to Cam Hall, Founder of Fight the Dad Bod and the Dads Making a Difference Podcast. Cam is a dad of two, husband, full time leader in education, and also built the Fight the Dad Bod brand while navigating his own personal challenges with image, identity, health and balancing life.

We explore Cam’s journey through early fatherhood, creating his health and fitness brand, building a successful career in education, and the most recent health scare that helped him learn important lessons for whole life balance and health.

One of the critical aspects Cam brings to this conversation is authenticity and vulnerability. Through the conversation we see how comparison became a major distraction for him, the impact of stress on his health and relationship along with the importance of priorities.

Cam is a dad working hard to be his best, while also helping support others in the process.

This conversation will provide listeners with:

    • The importance of whole life health (mental, emotional and physical) vs just looking physically “fit”
    • How discipline might be your most vital skill to balancing life and being a good dad
    • The power of telling your kids stories from your past to connect with and inspire them

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About Cam Hall:

Cam believes that all Men are called to live Fit, Healthy, and Fulfilled lives with their families. That is why he started the Dads Making A Difference Mastermind, or DMD for short. The DMD equips fathers with the skills, practices, and accountability necessary to become active leaders, communicators, and participants in the lives of their families, and in the community around them.

Cam is committed to the vision of engaging men in their personal and professional development through a foundation of personal growth and accountability. The DMD challenges men to create a shared vision for their family and leads them in effectively mastering the 4 pillars of fatherhood: Family, Fitness, Faith, and Finance.

Cam is a loving husband to his bride Kim and is a father to his 2 young children. Professionally Cam is a professional educator, a trusted leadership advisor to online coaches and entrepreneurs, creator of Fight the Dad Bod, and leader of the Dads Making A Difference Mastermind.

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About The Dad Central Show:

Dads love to see their kids grow into confident and successful adults. The problem is most dads feel unsure how to get there and have nowhere to turn for help.

The Dad Central Show coaches you to be your best, while bringing out the best in your family.

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