In this episode of the Dad Central Show, we talk with Young Han, an entrepreneur, investor, and advisor who also created The Girl Dad Show as a resource for working parents who want to be intentional in their lives.

Young shares his personal story and how noticing depressive symptoms and taking time for personal refelction helped him realize that he needed to make changes in his life. He also discusses the challenges he faced as an entrepreneur and how he found a balance between work and family life. He emphasizes the importance of being intentional about financial planning and prioritizing time with family.

Young shares some practical tips on how he is able to play and bond with his children, including setting aside dedicated time for family activities and finding ways to connect with his children’s interests. He also discusses the importance of teamwork with his wife in raising their kids and managing their home.

As an investor and advisor, Young has seen the benefits of balancing family life and business. He talks about how his family has become his motivation and how this has led to better decisions for his business.

Overall, this episode of the Dad Central Show is a valuable resource for fathers who are seeking to balance work and family life. Young’s story serves as a reminder of the importance of being intentional about what we want in life and prioritizing our time and resources accordingly. His practical tips on playing with kids, working with a partner and financial planning can help fathers achieve a fulfilling family life.

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    About Young Han:

    Full Time Dad, Full Time Professional

    Young Han hosts The Girl Dad Show, where he tackles his personal goal of becoming the best parent he can be over a series of diverse interviews with fellow working parents. The Girl Dad Show is a must listen for young professionals attempting to plan out their futures, current working parents looking for new perspectives, and everyone in between. 
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