Most dads want to see their kids build confidence and succeed in their lives. Research also confirms that positively involved dads have a big impact on the social, emotional, and psychological development of children.

But sometimes we get so focused on the end result that we miss how to actually get there. Especially when we’re fighting through the daily ups and downs of parenting life.

In this episode Ed and Drew talk about Drew’s experiences that led him to identify and apply these 7 actions on a daily basis. By doing them consistently he’s built a rock solid connection with his kids. From recognizing the impact stress was having on how he interacted at home, to shifting the focus to his kids through listening, his small actions began to make a big difference. The more he looked into what was happening, the more research confirmed the importance of these powerful actions to helping his children grow confident and secure.

Every dad feels stretched at times, but even in the most difficult circumstances every dad can do these 7 things to help their kids grow into succsssful adults. The added benefit is the relationship between dads and kids grows stronger and provides more opportunities for fun, laughter and joy.  Which ultimately means that kids listen better, respect you more and follow your guidance.  Isn’t that what every dad wants?

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Dads love to see their kids grow into confident and successful adults. The problem is most dads feel unsure how to get there and have nowhere to turn for help.

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