The Exhaust(ion) System

You’ve probably heard – or maybe you’ve already discovered – that babies don’t sleep like we do especially newborns. Go to Article

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Fatherhood Role Benefits Mom

Different societies and cultures have always known that new mothers need to be cared for.

Hands-on Dad Video

Today's families need fathers to be hands-on caregivers. Why? Lots of reasons.

Parenting Differences

You already know that you and your partner are different people, with different personalities, habits and ideas.

Breast Milk

Imagine taking delivery of a shiny car new Porsche right off the assembly line - never been driven even half a mile.

Dad’s Role (Part 1)

If your partner is breastfeeding the first thing you should know is that you can make a difference.

Dad’s Role (Part 2)

What about bottles? Feeding an infant is a really cool thing to do.

Safety Tips

One of the other ways to make sure babies are getting enough 'fuel' is by keeping track of their weight gain.

Low Fuel Warning

One of the other ways to make sure babies are getting enough 'fuel' is by keeping track of their weight gain.

Dad’s Guide to Burping

You know how good it feels to burp sometimes? Sometimes babies need the same kind of relief. And helping them burp can be a good Dad job


OK. So it's not the most fun part of being a Dad. But keeping your new model clean and comfortable is important, and that means changing diapers.

Your Tool Kit

Never leave home without your tools, especially those for changing diapers.

The Exhaust(ion) System

You've probably heard - or maybe you've already discovered - that babies don't sleep like we do especially newborns.

Will we ever have sex again?

The short answer is, Yes, but not for a little while and, in the short run probably not as often you did about a year ago.

The Crying Game

Babies cry. It's just one of the things they do. Some cry a lot, some, not so much. It's not much fun for anybody. But all parents need to learn to deal with it.

Indigenous Men as Fathers

Not so long ago an Indigenous man might have been laughed at for pushing a stroller.

Father/Child Relationships

In traditional Indigenous teachings, a child's spirit chooses both parents. That is a powerful idea for a father.