Did you know that men experience emotions equally, if not more intensely than women do?

Did you also know that:

“Our emotional state often dictates how we behave. Men often feel they need to be self-reliant and provide for their loved ones, so it is not appropriate to express their emotions.”

Source: https://mensline.org.au/mens-mental-health/men-and-emotions/

Men tend to hide their emotions or withdraw, whereas women are more likely to express their feelings directly and seek the support of friends and family. What matters most as a dad, is that you work on your emotional wellness and take important steps to help your children develop emotional wellness.

The tips in this week’s Facts for Fathers resource are a good starting point. We also share a few resources that may offer help for dads dealing with difficult emotions.

Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness comes from coping with stress and making positive contributions to the world. Fathers play a role in this for children.

Help your child feel safe and connected to you and her environment

A sense of belonging encourages a child’s confidence and trust.

Nurture resiliency

Be there to help your child face adversity and learn to handle tough situations.

Encourage your child to make decisions

Making decisions and taking responsibility for them builds self-confidence and respect.

Provide opportunities to help others

Teaching your child that he will influence other people and can make a difference in the world builds social skills.

Let your child test new abilities

Building competence in different tasks teaches a child how to accomplish their goals.

Support your child’s physical health

Healthy eating habits, physical exercise and adequate sleep help a child handle stress.

5 Facts Dads Need to Know About Emotional Wellness and Their Children

1. Looking after your own emotional health is important for your children’s health

Children learn to care for themselves by watching their dads. The habits they set will last a lifetime. So dads need to model positive ways of managing emotions.

2. Emotional health is affected by our lifestyle choices

It is important that dads get enough exercise, eat healthy diets and get enough sleep themselves. Carefully monitoring and controlling the use of alcohol and other substances matters, too. For advice on developing a healthier lifestyle, check out the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation

3. Emotional health affects everyone at different times

It is normal for most men to experience emotional ups and downs. Age, relationships and the environment will affect how men feel. If you’re struggling with your own emotional health, check out Heads Up Guys

4. Emotional health covers a lot of things we may experience in our day to day lives

Emotions may become a problem when depression, anxiety, stress and anger become overwhelming. Things like work, leisure time and relationships become tough to manage.

5. There are ways to get help if you need it

Talking to a good friend, a counsellor or someone else you trust can be a good way to keep balance in your life. Exercise, time in nature, and many other positive outlets can also help.

Asking for help is a sign of strength and willingness to grow. Your children and family need you, so look after your own emotions to help everyone in the family benefit.

If you know anyone who could use encouragement or would enjoy this information, please share our blog with them. The Emotional Wellness “Fact Marks for Fathers” resource can be downloaded here, or a hard copy can be purchased in our store.

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